ISOTECH SAL, established in 1964, is active in the field of waterproofing in the frame of large projects where European norms apply with SBS or PVC systems are specified.

 Since 1998, ISOTECH SAL has specialized into wooden structures and traditional cladding and roofing systems.

ISOTECH SAL has diversified with these techniques in interior decoration and special false ceilings.

ISOTECH SAL has specialized in combining the miscellaneous components of roofing structures and roofing materials to provide comprehensive turnkey, design, or design and build of custom roofing and cladding systems.

This has enabled ISOTECH SAL to handle projects such as Beirut Souks. From the preliminary design of tender drawings, we have developed and implemented the execution details from metal forming and fabrication to the erection of the Tecu Bronze Moucharrabieh, Shop fronts, windows heads, sill, jambs and fresh air grills.

ISOTECH SAL has the technical back up of its sister company “GICOME” for complex engineering and architectural design.

This collaboration has allowed ISOTECH SAL to start developing building techniques with wooden beam and slabs construction techniques. 

We are equipped with all the tools for forming the aluminum, zinc, copper and stainless sheets. Our machinery allows us to do straight, slopes, barrel vaults and dome shaped roofing. 

ISOTECH has recently installed a wood treatments facility for protecting the wood against termite’s insects and fungus (class 2 treatments according to French norms). 

ISOTECH SAL bridges post tensioning experience has lead us to invest in swaging and crimping for stainless steel cables up to 16 mm enabling us to perform calculation for tensile structure requiring such cables and supply complete solutions.

Also, tensile structure software enables ISOTECH SAL to provide the architects feasible tensile structures solutions in their pre design phase.

 In terms of major jobs in process, ISOTECH SAL has just finished three major concurrent projects in Beirut Central District:

  1. The Beirut Souks project involving 67 tons of “Tecu-Bronze”
  2. Le Grey Hotel involving ten tons of “Quartz VM zinc” and 60 square meters of pure tin interior decoration lining.
  3. MASDAR City in Abu Dhabi, phase 1 PRT Station – 13 tons “Red Pigmento VM Zinc” cladding and soffits – “profil emboitement” technique.


Major works presently in process are:

      1.  Philippe JABRE residence Antra “VM Zinc Plus” 400 square meters roofing.
      2. DBA & Phenix residential buildings – 1 538 square meters of “Tecu Patina”" Roofing (green pre weathered copper).
      3. Bank Al Mawared development Antra VM Zinc 431 meters “VM zinc” roofing.
      4. Le STAY Restaurant  25 Square meters tin bar in  Beirut Souks

 ISOTECH is collaborating in a privileged way with major suppliers leaders in their field, either in direct or through their agents in Lebanon

 Umicore – VM Zinc - France – Cold laminated zinc products


KME – Germany – Copper and copper alloy roofing and cladding cold laminated products


Metaconcept - France – Pure tin sheets for the architecture and decoration.


Mathis SA – France - Glue Lam wooden structures


Simonin SA – France - Glue Lam wooden structures


ACMO – France – Stainless steel accessories for boat rigging and architectural applications


Cablerie Berger – France – Stainless steel cables


Cousin Trestec -  France – Specialized ropes for marine applications



We are also involved with sustainable technologies regarding the heating, cooling and insulation of the buildings we install ou systems on. All materials used are recyclable and environment friendly. (Wood, copper, zinc,..)


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